Just to lighten up the mood after India’s loss in World Cup, lets try some comedy. I came across this Stand up comedy clip which is so funny and still so true.

“Somebody is going to get hurt real bad.”

I had a similar interaction with a Chinese guy in local mall when I took my jacket to his store to get it dry cleaned but I was able to negotiate a deal with him. But still funny.


India is out of this World Cup. Sri Lanka had a good win.

I hope that fans back in India don’t end up doing stupid things like attacking players house and start running around with donkeys with cricketer’s poster on them.

And well the way they batted this world cup they really would not had done any better against better teams. That’s it for me this world cup and I will watch may be Final. I am routing for South Africa now. But I still Australia will be the team to beat.

Very disappointing performance by India.

This could be the last world cup for Ganguly, Dravid and Sachin. So I would like to say Thank You for all the great moments and memories you have given us.

I am very sure Greg’s contract is in scoop now. BCCI will be under scanner, the richest cricketing authority as they are know should take responsibilities and act accordingly. Last year when Vengeskar took charge as head of the national selector, he had said it clearly that India don’t have bench strength. BCCI need to answer this kind of questions.

Last media needs to act appropriately they are the one who make Stars out of cricketers. Running tiny little stories about them and then make defamatory statements about them.

Maharashtra State Board had asked question in test which are not in syllabus. I was talking to my sister and she was explaining this to me other day, as her son, my nephew, is appearing for SSC examination and apparently he got this B question paper. Poor guy

was panic after exam as he could only attempted 60 marks of question paper out of 75. One can understand that since the pressure of SSC examination is surreal and competition is so much. This is the turning point for one and that is the sad part. Exams will decide which college you go to and what field you choose.

And now that “The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to give 30 marks to all students in the subject, irrespective of which set (A, B, C or D) they were given.”.

And for obvious reason some people are happy and others are not.

But the main question or point here I have is what is done to those guys who are responsible for this test question? Why are they not hold accountable for this? Just giving 30 points is not the solution it might make the students and their parents happy but who is responsible for this?

Here is the link to the story via Mid-day.com

Agitated parents of SSC students assembled at the office of the Bharatiya Janata Party, in Vile Parle (East), Thursday morning, to plan a petition over a tough question paper in algebra and geometry given to some of the students earlier this week”

Well I came across this article about Worlds Dirtiest cities. And I was surprise to see that the only one Indian city features on this list and was more shocked to know it was Ranipet, Chennai.

Now you would ask why? Well this is so strange, I have visited this small town twice till now. This is native place of my wife and we got married right in this city.

I would like to see her reaction when she learns about this fact. Hmm. She has fond memories of this place. The fact that there are so many manufacturing companies around this area that I am not surprise that these companies are adding all toxic material and contaminating ground and water.

Ranipet, India

“Ranipet’s pollution can affect up to 3 million people, as it is upstream from populous Chennai. Its tannery waste amounted to 1,500,000 tons a year of toxic material. There is contamination of ground and water. There are efforts being made at containment.”

Sanjaya Malakar is through in final 10.

VFTW has backed Sanjaya. But I think his last night was better among all his performance. But Still amazed by amount of media coverage this kid is getting and still surprise’s me that he is on show. Hair is doing it for him.

Well last night on the show he made Ashley Perl cry. She was thrilled to see her idol up close, Actually she was spotted during rehearsal by show producers and they gave her the best seat in the house during the live show. Sanjaya really did great to drop his shy image and had a rocking performance and at the end of his performance he hugged 13 year old Ashley, who was thrilled to meet Sanjaya. Now you know who is really voting for Sanjaya. So Sanjaya Malakar will be on next week. But I still think Sanjaya has gone as  far as he can and now media attention he is getting can work against him.

Here is youtube video of his performance and Ashley crying.

Here is what judges had to say..

  • Randy said, “You shocked me tonight. Usually, you’re this reserved, mild, meek, very cool guy. You came out of your shell. That was your best performance to date.”
  • Paula said, “That’s what we’ve been waiting for. Go for it. You went for it. It was a lot of fun.”
  • Simon said, “I think the little girl’s face says it all.”

[Via justjared.buzznet.com/]

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