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It is been only one day that I posted about sex offenders and some facts about it and today I came across this story of teacher being sentence to 10 year in prison for having sex with 13 year old boy. I mean whats going on people?

“Rachel L. Holt, 35, had pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. Holt was initially charged with 28 counts of first-degree rape. “

“Police accused her of having sex with the boy that many times during an intense weeklong affair. She was also accused of plying the boy with alcohol and allowing him to drive her car.”

This is some serious stuff for 13 year old to handle.

The victim’s uncle, who spoke on behalf of the family, asked for the maximum sentence, saying Holt had tarnished the reputation of teachers and violated his nephew’s trust.

“He had his innocence taken away through betrayal,” he said.

I hope the boy too feels same way.

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Here is the video link

Well after following Indian news for last couple of days I had guess that this would happen. The number of people gathered around the fort itself was amazing. I am talking about the fort in Nagour, Rajasthan were they had all the marriage celebration.

Aaj Tak had a special about this wedding which itself was stupid news to carry in first place and to have whole half hour on this wedding was too much. I guess they need some news to fill their time slots.

Poor villagers didn’t know why media was there and hence the rush and anxiety among village people. Some people didn’t knew where Liz is from and others did even knew for that matter who is Arun. Don’t blame them. Wedding has helped the local business and may be that is the only positive side to this as per this report on Hindu.


Well yesterday I came home for lunch and as usual my dad was watching news. Oh ya my parents are visiting me and hence we have Indian channels for them. And man what I saw next was just unreal. I mean after long time I have seen stuff like this. I have seen some instance of public beating in Mumbai but not at this scale.

People were beating crap out this guy. I mean seriously. So many aspect ran throught my head watching. First it was very graphic, second News Channel reporting this as news and should people be allowed to take matters in there own hand?

I am not saying that what this guys did is right, he should be punish accordingly but should people be taking matters in their hand?

The social welfare officer was paraded naked across the city

[Image Via IBN-CNN site]

Here is video link.
Again video is graphic.

Here is the link to the news.

Apparently this guy an Officer not just any officer but a Social Welfare Officer been molesting and absuing women since 2001. This happened in Nagpur. This guy on Thursday afternoon was paraded half naked across the city.

I hate watching Indian News channel. The things they report are so absurd and they are looking for controversy to happen or just make one up. In the evening AajTak was reporing how Sanju baba’s daughter came to India back from NYC. Am I interested in it? hell no.

I bloged about Gateway of India groping. Now Mid-day is also reporting more such cases in mumbai city.

There was one other girl at gateway of India who was also molested by group of perverts. Here is link.

Girl who is Australian is scared for her life as people started pulling her cloths. Imagine 20 people coming on you and riping your clothes. It is really bad. Hopefully there is more awareness among people. I am sure things like this are happening on daily basis and being comming to main stream media.

I mean whats going on in mumbai. Molestation is all over the place.

Molested under the guise of frisking.

Cop arrested for molesting 40 year old.

Then there is case of 15 year old boy groping American girl when she was visiting Prince of Wales museum.

I have lived in Mumbai for most of my life and I am proud of city and mumbaikar attitude. But thing like this is just not right. It is every girls nightmare in cities across India.

Midday is reporting a story of girl being groped by around 60 people in public and sad part about all of the other things is that the cops were just around the corner.

They have pictures to back the claim.

[Picture via Mid-day]

Colaba Police have started a probe in this case.

No-one has filed a complain about it yet and today mid-day is reporting that police have detained 5 involved in this matter. Apparently they can’t be arrested as there has been no formal FIR about the incident. I hope the girl comes forward and these people are punished.


IBN-CNN has Video covering this Story


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