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Two weeks ago, the company I work for had layoffs. I was not affected by it but a good friend of mine with whom I worked was let go among other people. It was his position that was eliminated. At least that was what HR told him and it was not him. After he was let go and by the time everything settled down with HR, it was almost lunch time so I took him out for lunch. Obviously he was shocked and was concerned about his immigration status and the process of getting a new sponsor for himself.

So while we discussed, these were the points which came up and I felt these are very important for anyone to understand them.

I came with the following list.

  • It is not personal: What I mean is company and its management are targeting certain positions, not individuals.
  • Try to Move on: The more you think on why it happened to you or why it happened at all, the more time and energy you are wasting on small things. Even if you find reasons, it won’t lead to anything. So Move on.
  • Take some days off: To relax and prepare your resume. Don’t rush in putting your resume online. Take time and work on it before you post it online.
  • Talk to friends: Don’t hide that you have been laid off from your work. Talk to your friends and you never know who might have the right contact to help you find your next job.
  • Opportunity: Look at it as an opportunity. Be flexible.
  • Be prepared: On your current job, take each opportunity to learn new skills or get that BIG certification.

So after two weeks, I met my friend again and he had a couple of offers going on for him and now he has options to choose from and that is just an awesome feeling. Being positive and looking forward are some of the aspects I learned from him. Not a single moment went by where he badmouthed the company nor did he say anything negative about anyone. That’s the way to do it. I am glad to see him moving on with his life and am truly happy for him at the same time!

Ah, this is a neat trick. If only I would have known about this couple months ago. We were in the mall shopping during X’mas and I misplaced my car key at a store and I only realized about it when we were about to leave. For this exact reason I keep a extra set of my house key with my in-laws. I had to call my mother in law and request her to get another set of car key from my home. I felt really guilty to ask her to come to mall late at night. But now with this trick she could have opened the car right from the home itself.

Here is how it it done on YouTube.