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Stage for Super Bowl XLI is all set. Two good teams, but not perfect and all year long had to answers and defend themselves.

Bears had to defend Rex Grossman and his throwing and inconsistent games. Colts had to defend there size and defense. But both teams had some great games this season.

Lets look at Bears, I remember watching Bears Vs Cardinals game, which was won only by Defense. Number from the games were unbelievable Rex had 4 interceptions, 2 fumbles and they were 0-20 down at half time and only 3 points on offense.

For Colts they too had some good some great finishes this year like the one again Tennessee and off-course the one against Patriots last weak. They are good grind game against Ravens.

So this sets up a great game for this Sunday in Miami.

I hate to make predictions but I am going to go with Colts. Go Colts!!!!!. But I would have liked to back Good defense over Good offense. But I feel Manning and boys will get the job done.

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