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Just to lighten up the mood after India’s loss in World Cup, lets try some comedy. I came across this Stand up comedy clip which is so funny and still so true.

“Somebody is going to get hurt real bad.”

I had a similar interaction with a Chinese guy in local mall when I took my jacket to his store to get it dry cleaned but I was able to negotiate a deal with him. But still funny.


Well I came across this article about Worlds Dirtiest cities. And I was surprise to see that the only one Indian city features on this list and was more shocked to know it was Ranipet, Chennai.

Now you would ask why? Well this is so strange, I have visited this small town twice till now. This is native place of my wife and we got married right in this city.

I would like to see her reaction when she learns about this fact. Hmm. She has fond memories of this place. The fact that there are so many manufacturing companies around this area that I am not surprise that these companies are adding all toxic material and contaminating ground and water.

Ranipet, India

“Ranipet’s pollution can affect up to 3 million people, as it is upstream from populous Chennai. Its tannery waste amounted to 1,500,000 tons a year of toxic material. There is contamination of ground and water. There are efforts being made at containment.”

Men in blue will have a crack at this world cup tomorrow with their game against Bangladesh. I would consider Bangladesh to be the best side among the minnows of this World Cup and they have already surprise New Zealand in the warm game and that is a good reminder for India. But this game for India should be pretty straight forward. I mean I am expecting a very professional outing from Indian side.

Siddhartha Vaidhyanathan offers the five reasons why beating Bangladesh may not be easy.  I am glad Siddhartha is not with Indian team  to form any strategic because most of the point are baseless and just stupid in terms of cricket. But who am I judge Siddhartha. He has right for his opinion but it is very one dimensional. Since I put that to rest. Now if India has to worry about Bangladesh then we can’t call them as one of the Team to be in the final four of World Cup as most analyst think of this team.

Team selection, I think Uthappa has done good but for this game I think Indian team will go with Sehwag, in order to get him going and it is important he spend some quality time in the middle. So I think Uthappa will miss the game as Team management may go with Virendra Sehway and Irfan Pathan. As both have a very important role in the success of this team and will determine how far this team will go this World Cup. There could be similar team selections conundrum for the spinners spot. Both Kumble and Harbhajan are good, but only one spot in Team. But I feel Bhajji will get the nod ahead of Kumble.

Rest of the 8 players in the team will be Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Rahul Dravid, M. S. Dhoni, Ajit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan and Munaf Patel

I think it should be good game for India and sure Men In Blue won’t let Indian fan down. They need to have a very good outing and should not be complacent.

BEST OF LUCK to Men in Blue.

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Exicting finish of this game. Ireland did really good to comeback in this game. Last two overs has lot of errors on part of both the teams. Zimbabwe gave the game away by losing wickets and Ireland stuck to it. Nice finish!!

 It is nice to see the enthusiasm among Ireland fans. They are cheering, jumping, having fun and feeling the tension of the nail bitter. That is really great of the game and for the Ireland team.

Here is video for 50th and 49th over of game.