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Well I came across this article about Worlds Dirtiest cities. And I was surprise to see that the only one Indian city features on this list and was more shocked to know it was Ranipet, Chennai.

Now you would ask why? Well this is so strange, I have visited this small town twice till now. This is native place of my wife and we got married right in this city.

I would like to see her reaction when she learns about this fact. Hmm. She has fond memories of this place. The fact that there are so many manufacturing companies around this area that I am not surprise that these companies are adding all toxic material and contaminating ground and water.

Ranipet, India

“Ranipet’s pollution can affect up to 3 million people, as it is upstream from populous Chennai. Its tannery waste amounted to 1,500,000 tons a year of toxic material. There is contamination of ground and water. There are efforts being made at containment.”


It is been only one day that I posted about sex offenders and some facts about it and today I came across this story of teacher being sentence to 10 year in prison for having sex with 13 year old boy. I mean whats going on people?

“Rachel L. Holt, 35, had pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. Holt was initially charged with 28 counts of first-degree rape. “

“Police accused her of having sex with the boy that many times during an intense weeklong affair. She was also accused of plying the boy with alcohol and allowing him to drive her car.”

This is some serious stuff for 13 year old to handle.

The victim’s uncle, who spoke on behalf of the family, asked for the maximum sentence, saying Holt had tarnished the reputation of teachers and violated his nephew’s trust.

“He had his innocence taken away through betrayal,” he said.

I hope the boy too feels same way.

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Watch what you say. This is really funny ad.

Last week I came across this ad. Su and I had giggly moment. Funny. It can Happen to anyone. So watch what you say.

PS: This is Ice Breakers Gum Pervert Ad. I am not paid to post this Ad here. Just I thought it was very funny.

Ah, this is a neat trick. If only I would have known about this couple months ago. We were in the mall shopping during X’mas and I misplaced my car key at a store and I only realized about it when we were about to leave. For this exact reason I keep a extra set of my house key with my in-laws. I had to call my mother in law and request her to get another set of car key from my home. I felt really guilty to ask her to come to mall late at night. But now with this trick she could have opened the car right from the home itself.

Here is how it it done on YouTube.