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It is been only one day that I posted about sex offenders and some facts about it and today I came across this story of teacher being sentence to 10 year in prison for having sex with 13 year old boy. I mean whats going on people?

“Rachel L. Holt, 35, had pleaded guilty to second-degree rape. Holt was initially charged with 28 counts of first-degree rape. “

“Police accused her of having sex with the boy that many times during an intense weeklong affair. She was also accused of plying the boy with alcohol and allowing him to drive her car.”

This is some serious stuff for 13 year old to handle.

The victim’s uncle, who spoke on behalf of the family, asked for the maximum sentence, saying Holt had tarnished the reputation of teachers and violated his nephew’s trust.

“He had his innocence taken away through betrayal,” he said.

I hope the boy too feels same way.

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