Ancient Indian Inventions

Very interesting Video on ancient Indian inventions. Some of the things did surprise me which existed in India.

I was aware of the number system and Zero. But it was amazing to see how old cities were build, plastic surgery and even cataract operations.


  1. irene

    i could not see the video!

  2. mark

    hey, this is very great

  3. justin

    damn, this is good. made me smile all throughout the videoclip. okbye

  4. Jonathan ahr

    what the F*c* is this? anyways this was the best damn thing i saw! it made me cry! 😀 😦 I LOVE IT! Good job on it!

  5. Stephan

    oh….my….god! this was………like THE best thing i ever ever saw in my entire life! i am going to watch this over and over again! oh yeah, i love the pussy cat dolls! they are the bomb! i wish i was a part of their group!

  6. morgan

    heyy guys this is a really cool site lol what is this about exacy ly lol i think it is like cool it b pimpin lol

  7. carol!!!:)

    i didnt even watch the video haha but oh well lets just pretend i did and it was fantastic!!!! but i need to find REAL info for this dumb report bout india inventions….any websites?

  8. i didnt even watch the video haha but lets just pretend tht i did and it was fantastic! but i need some REAL info on india inventions for this dumb project 😦 good thing schools ending soon!! 😀

    • Squid!!!!

      Caroline! How did i know this was you? just guessed! and yeah haha didnt c it either! left a comment y?

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