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Amul ads has done it over and over for so many years. They came up this ad on Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar – the Master Blaster.

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Well, Sanjaya this Kid has learned to pull new hair style every week on American Idol. Well I should say he is bravejust as how Simon said on one of the episode. I like Jordin chances too.

 Chris is out this week.

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I am getting this error often these days. I have totally switched to gmail and I keep getting this. What going on with Gmail?

I hope this is temporary issue, but it is free service after all.

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Today morning, I was watching news on Aaj Tak (my daughter of 9 months like the music played during AajTak news and hence we have that channel and I will write another post about it) and they had this segment going on Cricket with news that BCCI has formed a committee of former players to evaluate the current team performance and what actions to be taken and to dig out the main problem facing Indian Cricket. Apparently, BCCI has roped in Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and others.

Aaj Tak had Kapil Dev on the telephone line as Kapil is giving his expert opinion on Aaj Tak these days. So the correspondents asked Kapil about this new committee and when they were going to start working for this and Kapil’s response was that he is not aware of any such committee and he did not receive any kind of notification about this committee from BCCI and he is only hearing about this from media. Such is the state of BCCI and what a confusion!

So today afternoon, I was thinking about it and I was happy that at least BCCI is taking steps to do something about this. I mean they should have done something similar after the South African tour. So I wanted to know more about this committee and hence I started searching on the web for news but did not get any links so I started searching for BCCI website and to my shock found that BCCI is India’s richest sporting body and one of the richest sports team or body in the whole world, they do not have an official website. Well in this age and time, and considering the fact that India is an IT (Information Technology) hub, I was surprised. No wonders there are so many rumors floating around. The only information I could get was from this Wikipedia page. The fact did open my eyes.

“The Board of Control for Cricket in India, or BCCI, is the apex governing body for cricket in India and lays down its law. The board was formed in 1929. It is a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. The BCCI, inter alia, enjoys tax exemption and other benefits such as use of Indian police officers for free and often uses government-owned stadiums across the country at a nominal annual rent.”

Point here is, BCCI is just a society. No one owns the BCCI and BCCI’s membership generally includes the State cricket associations and hence all the regional problems during selection. So who is BCCI accountable to?

This is being a real eye opener for me. I mean BCCI enjoys all the facilities from the Indian Government and it is not accountable to anyone.

The problem as I see is having a strong leadership all along. There is no road map or strategy for anyone in place. I don’t how much input regional boards have in BCCI.

So just to compare BCCI with the Australian Cricket Board , I did a little bit of searching on the web. Since we need to be the best why not learn from best. So I searched for the Australian Cricket Board and what was the outcome, you ask? Impressive!!!

They not only have an Official website, but the website has a page for strategy. It lists 5 goals and 9 primary targets.

Here is the excerpt from wikipedia:

“Cricket Australia, formerly (and still often referred to as) the Australian Cricket Board, is the governing body for professional and amateur cricket in Australia. It was originally formed in 1905 as the Australian Board of Control for International Cricket Matches. [1] It is incorporated as an Australian Public Company, Limited By Guarantee.”

It is just not about having a website. The point again is about leadership and accountability.

Very interesting Video on ancient Indian inventions. Some of the things did surprise me which existed in India.

I was aware of the number system and Zero. But it was amazing to see how old cities were build, plastic surgery and even cataract operations.